About Us

Bismillah Welfare Foundation was established in 2010, in Dhoke Rajwali ratta, tasil Dayal District Mirpur, Pakistan, Bismillah welfare foundation (BWF) sponsors disabled children whom have physical impairments and are bed bound and some of these children are also on special dietary requirements.

We sponsor 1500 / 2000 rupees a month per person /child. This includes families of widows, all individuals get financially assessed with personal visits before the start of any payment. The individuals living and financial conditions are also assessed.


All our staff responsible for the charity are on a volunteer basis and receive no personal wage and thus no expense is deducted from the charity, 100% of our donations go towards the charity.

The boarding school houses forty children from primary to metric level qualification and also hifz classes. No fees are charged, the charity supports the boarding, food, clothes, education and medication need of the children. We only employ highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Our mission is to provide regular financial support to widows and children with disabilities who are bed bound. We strive to make their day to day life manageable.